Frequently Asked Questions
    How much do moonwalks weigh?
           Moonwalks are large and generally weigh between 175 to 275 pounds.

    How are they powered?
           Moonwalks are inflated using an electric blower unit that is powered by a standard
           110 volt, three-prong electrical outlet with a GFI.  Electricity is needed within 100 feet
           of the moonwalk.  A generator may be used to power the moonwalk (if an electrical
           outlet is unavailable) and can be rented from Max's Moonwalk for a $50.00 fee.
    What should I do to get ready for the moonwalk?
           When renting a 13' x 13' moonwalk, you would need a space of at least 18' x 18'.
           Five feet of clearance is recommended around the entire moonwalk for safety.
           Don't forget to check overhead for low hanging tree limbs or electrical lines.  It is a
           bad idea to have the moonwalk touching any tree branches as they can fall and
           puncture the unit or hurt one of the bouncers or spectators.  Make sure your outside
           electrical outlet is in working order.  Mow your lawn at least one day prior to your
           event, as it will help keep the moonwalk clean for your children and the equipment.
           If you have a dog, please clean the yard prior to the moonwalk delivery.  The
           morning of your event, please remove car(s) from the driveway, clear the area
           where the moonwalk will be set up and clear access to the area.
    Does the moonwalk need to be anchored?
           Yes.  We use stakes  to secure the moonwalk when placed on a lawn.

    Will you call me to confirm the rental prior to my event?
           Yes.  We will call you the week of your event to reconfirm arrangements.

    What if there is inclement weather on the day of my event?
           It is unsafe to operate a moonwalk in the rain.  If it begins raining during your event,
           please have the children leave the moonwalk, turn off the fan, and allow the
           moonwalk to deflate.  Once the rain subsides, turn on the fan to inflate the
           moonwalk and thoroughly dry the inside before allowing children in to jump.  If the
           weather forecast calls for inclement weather, please contact us at least 24 hours
           prior to your event to cancel or reschedule the rental.  Your deposit will be refunded
           within thirty (30) days if your event is cancelled due to bad weather.

    What are other names for moonwalks?
           Moonwalks are also known as moon bouncers, inflatable moonwalks,  
           moon  bounces, moon jumps, bouncers, bouncy jumps, inflatable moon bouncers,
           jumpers, inflatable bouncers and inflatable jumpers.
Max's Moonwalk FAQ's
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